Monday, March 7, 2011

The Difference A Week Makes

Last week, my Industrial Arts teacher told me, completely unprovoked, that the first week at the MCBTC is by far, the most stressful. He was reiterating what I was already feeling inside. In case, you haven't picked up on it, I am a little high-strung. Typically, my normal MO is pretty ramped up and anxious. Add stress to the mix and I could pass for a teenager who just mainlined four shots of espresso. So, needless to say, I was pretty (and apparently visibly) stressed. Logically, I knew as I got comfortable, I would feel better about the situation, but at that moment on Thursday afternoon becoming comfortable here seemed very, very far away. 

When Josh and Emy came to pick me up Friday afternoon, I literally felt as if I had been let out of prison. All the stress and pressure that I had been carrying around with me all week immediately evaporated the second I saw them. While I was traveling back Sunday evening, I could feel the pressure building and every muscle in my body tightening the closer we got to Kalamazoo. 

Cue to this morning. I ran into that same teacher before my first class and he remarked that I seemed awfully bright and sunny for a Monday morning. 

Surprisingly, I found myself agreeing that I was and joked that it was the leftover Mama Buzz I got from being with Emeline this weekend.  That feeling has lasted all day. My O&M class this morning went great, I am finally getting used to that darn cane and had some "real-world" experiences today, where we traveled to a local hospital, walked around downtown, and practiced the proper technique of riding escalators. Some of the worries I've been holding onto are becoming less of an issue. I am figuring out the way things work around here, getting used to interacting with the other students, and feeling a lot less stressed. I've set more reasonable goals for myself and can actually see the progress I am making. I am sure that my anxiety will continue to lessen with every passing day. Perhaps I'll return to my normal high-strung self sooner than I thought.

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