Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I've Learned In the Last Two Weeks

To be fair some of these items are newly learned and some of them have been reinforced. 

In no particular order: 
  • How to crochet 
  • How to make Zesty Lasagna Roll-ups 
  • I am more stubborn, hard-headed, and tense than I like to admit
  • Everyone has a story to tell and heartbreak in their past 
  • How to make a clay ring-holder and a giant lower-case e
  • I don't like paczkis
  • Timed typing tests STRESS me out
  • Blind people can do anything 
  • White canes aren't as scary as they appear 
  • Hallway cane fights are quite amusing 
  • Blind jokes are hilarious, especially when told by/to other blind people
  • Hotel rooms can start to feel like home once you've been there long enough
  • How to read and write letters A-L and numbers 0-9 in Braille. 
  • There are so many apps and technical resources for the blind and visually impaired 
  • Customer service improves greatly, no matter where you are, when carrying a white cane
  • I really, really miss teaching 
  • I have the most supportive friends and family anyone could ask for
  • Perfectionism is a disease and requires a 12-step program 
  • How to read a bus schedule 
  • I can be both terrible and awesome at bowling during the SAME game 
  • Hotel keys can demagnetize whenever they feel like 
  • I need to be here 

1 comment:

  1. Don't give up on those stubborn and hard-headed qualities completely. They play a HUGE part in getting you where you are today and your ability to fight the fight! Besides that- they are inherited. :)
    I love you.