Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Birthday Letter

May 27, 2011
My Sweet Emy Joy,

I am in complete shock at how quickly time has gone.  Not too long ago, you were a distant dream that your father and I thought would always be just out of our reach. Now you have completely hijacked our house and our lives and we couldn't be happier. Don't ever doubt for a minute you weren't wanted. You were loved and cherished from the second we learned our dream had become a reality. Plus, you are way cooler than either of us could have imagined.

I am grateful that you won’t remember this year. There are definitely parts I wish I could forget, but you are not involved in a single one of those moments.  We've spent an awful lot of time apart. Even when we were able to be together in those first few months, I was so sick that it was impossible for me to care for you.
Luckily, I think this has affected me WAY more than you. You spent your time with people who adore you, and took such good care of you, especially, your daddy. Have you realized yet how incredible a man your dad is? I never worry about you when you're with him. If there is anyone on this planet who loves you more than I do, it is him. He would do anything to make either one of us happy. Plus, he makes the best popcorn. Just two of the many reasons why he rocks.

For the longest time, I worried about whether or not you and I would bond.  I was certain we'd never feel comfortable around one another. I never could hold you just right in those first few months. You sensed my fear and frustration and would holler, until I’d hand you over to a more competent set of arms. Silly to think about that now, huh? As I got stronger and more confident our bond strengthened too. We're thick as thieves these days. Our days are full of snuggles, games, giggles, hugs, kisses; moments I treasure and wouldn’t trade for ANYTHING.

You are so busy. Exploring, observing, testing - you are a little scientist. Everything you see, touch, or hear is part of your experiment. My absolute favorite moment of every day is that "AHA!" moment when all the pieces fit together. You look at me, with the widest grin, just beaming with pride because you know you've figured something out. I couldn't be prouder.

You love books, music, and animals - real or otherwise. You are a magic combination of wild and gentle. You are an amazing sleeper (THANK YOU!!) and such a charmer. You greet everybody with a big old smile, a wave, and a chipper, “Hi!” I hope you always stay this social. There are amazing people in the world that you might never otherwise get a chance to meet.
You have the best fake cough I have ever heard. From a simple throat clearing to a dry hack, you can mimic them all. I could listen to your fake coughs, maniacal laughter, and every other sweet sound you utter all day.
You hate having your nose wiped, or being waylaid in anyway, so not surprisingly you hate to be told no. Your fierce independence, stubbornness, and opinionated spirit will take you far. I marvel at your personality and silently curse all the power struggles the future holds for us.

There are moments of every day, where I want to freeze time because it couldn't possibly get any better. There is no way you could get any cuter, or sweeter, or funnier. But you do. Every day. And every day gets even better than the one before and I love you more than I ever dreamed possible.

I know you won't always find me funny and entertaining, but I hope that you'll always find solace in my arms. When you snuggle close, head on my shoulder, thumb in your mouth, I am afraid my heart will burst with happiness. You keep me in the moment and I am so thankful to you for teaching me how to slow down, enjoy, and focus on what’s important. Honestly, when you pat my shoulder or bite my nose what else could possible matter? You're it, Baby. You're it.
Happy Birthday Emeline Joy.


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