Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Little Vitamin D

It is not the least bit surprising to me that I've had a Vitamin D deficiency over the last year. After all, I spent an entire season indoors. More than a season; for close to 5 months my skin rarely saw the sun. I began to feel strong enough and confident enough to venture outdoors regularly just in time for one of the snowiest Michigan winters I can remember. My new vision impairment and icy conditions caused me to spend yet another season largely indoors.

As if this is news to anyone who was in Southeast Michigan last weekend. The weather was idyllic. It was if I personally contacted Mother Nature and requested my preferred weather conditions: sunny, high 70's, low humidity, gentle breeze. Perfection.

Every opportunity possible I spent it outside. Weeding, planting flowers, spreading mulch, introducing Emy to the pure joy of reading in the grass under the trees, hour long walks with Emy in the stroller around our neighborhood, hour long walks with Emy pushing the stroller up and down the driveway, I relished every moment outdoors.

All the Vitamin D and exercise did me good. As I crawled into bed Sunday night, mildly sunburned and physically sore from all of the gardening, I felt peace. Michigan summers are the greatest and I can't wait to spend this one outdoors. 

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