Sunday, May 13, 2012


After reading this incredibly flattering and inspiring article this morning, I am left with a myriad of emotions. However, the most prevailing thought is. "Who is this woman? I'd really like to meet her." It doesn't seem possible that the article was describing me and my family.  
There are still so many days where I still feel as if I am in survival mode. Just going through the motions and blindly completing the tasks of motherhood and teaching. Trying desperately to recreate a sense of normalcy and stability for my family, all the while questioning how and why did this happen and how the hell will I get through it?
Those are the dark days. Those are the days where my self-doubt, anxiety, post-partum depression, post-traumatic stress, general craziness get the best of me.
But there are other days where I am so head over heels in love with my Emy girl and the amazingly feisty and sweet personality she has. Days where my husband does some little thing that reminds me why he really is my rock. Or I am awestruck by the insightful, genuine, moments of brillance that my fourth-graders demonstrate or am bowled over by a friend or family members unwavering generosity. These are the days that I can't help but be thankful that this is my life. Vision loss or health issues be damned. I am one lucky girl.
Today is one of those days.
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mamas who inspire me day after day to keep fighting and reminding me that in some way we are all going at motherhood blindly. Thank you, especially to my mama, who "gifted" me with unrelenting stubbornness and a fighting spirit. Who knew how much it would come in handy? Well, you probably did. You're all-knowing like that.

Thank you for reminding me that inspiration can be anywhere. Even within myself.

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  1. Christy, I read the article about you. Happy Mother's Day, you are a remarkable woman!