Saturday, May 19, 2012

Look for Emy on a Future Episode of Hoarders

After 5 days of  illnessI decided clean sheets were a must have. This is what I found in, under, and around my darling's bed.  

Contents include:
  • 1 white rabbit (borrowed from Grammy & Papa's house)
  • 1 gray elephant pillow pet
  • 1 Giant Doggy
  • 1 musical sheep
  • 1 Twilight Ladybug (Laycob)  
  • 1 "Chaucer Bear" 
  • 1 Panda Bear ("Pana, Pana, what u see?")
  •  1 giant Elmo 
  • 1 baby Elmo 
  •  1 baby doll (the other 3 were taken out this morning to sleep on the windowseat along with 3 blankies) 
  • 1 paper plate rabbit ("I paint bunny!") 
  • 1 pink plastic pot with "my Unch!" - includes a red car, doctor's toy, two cupcakes, a purple fish, and a baby bottle 
  • 1 top to a water bottle
  • 3 crayons
  • 2  photo albums
  • 37 books  including Emy's new favorite bedtime story Baby Names Your Child Can Live With
I wish I could blame my lack of sight for allowing my child to sleep with the entire contents of a toy box and a library, but alas vision has nothing to do with it. I recognize and respect her need for comfort. While my list of items that I surround myself at night has dwindled, I too, wake up in the midst of random items and pillows. Holy crap, she's just like me.

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