Thursday, February 14, 2013

Letter to Staff

February 8, 2013
Dear Long Meadow Staff,
      It is with an extremely heavy heart that I write this letter. I have called Long Meadow my home and considered you all to be members of my family for over 9 years. You have supported me professionally and personally in ways that I could never begin to properly give thanks. I am so proud to be a part of a community of caring, dedicated educators. I am terribly saddened to announce that I will be taking an indefinite medical leave of absence due to my low-vision effective February 15, 2013.
Teaching has been, and always will be, my passion. I love learning and sharing my love of reading and writing with children. It is this passion that drove me back into the classroom 15 months after having Emeline. Unfortunately, as you all are very aware, teaching involves much more than that. Between assessments, record-keeping, planning, and day-to-day paperwork my eyes just can’t keep up.  I have tried numerous adaptations and accommodations but it is time for me to accept my disability and begin to put myself, my health, and my family ahead of my career.
Katie Kilgore will be taking over my half of the job-share position with Michelle Reich. I am confident that she will be welcomed into the Long Meadow family as warmly as I.
Thank you for your on-going well-wishes and support. I may be leaving Long Meadow but I am certainly not leaving the relationships we have built over the years.            
Much Love,  
Christy Landefeld   

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