Friday, March 28, 2014

Adventures with Uber

It's no secret that this particular Michigan winter has been brutal. Long, cold, extremely snowy and has well over stayed its welcome. Everyone feels this way around these parts. Emy and I have been feeling the winter doldrums pretty severely as the weather has made independent travel almost impossible for the two of us. Not driving and living in the suburbs makes getting around challenging to say the least.
Thankfully my amazing network of friends and family members don't seem to mind too much. I rely on them almost completely to get to places like the grocery store, preschool, and doctor's appointments. Being so dependent on others has been by far one of the most difficult adjustments to make in regards to my vision loss. Every time we go anywhere requires planning ahead, organizing, and arranging  and since these are not my strongest character traits I often drive myself and my loved ones crazy with frantic last minute cries for help. Thankfully they love me enough to put up with this - over and over again.
But I am ridiculously proud and there is still a big part of me that hates to inconvenience anyone so I limit these requests to "needs" as much as possible. I've had to accept that the days are gone where I can just pick up and go wherever strikes my fancy but it makes me sad. Maybe it's because I spend the majority of time with an extremely stubborn 3 1/2 year old, but I want to do what I want, when I want to do it, and not worry about how it affects anyone else. Except Emy, because what I really wanted to do was sign her up for a Thursday morning gymnastics class.

So I did.

And this is where Uber comes in. Have you heard of Uber? It's AMAZING! It's an app, a transportation service, and my ticket to a little more freedom all rolled into one. I've been hearing fantastic things about this company for years but was a little reluctant to give it a go. Would it really be as easy as I'd heard? Would the cars have the LATCH system so I could safely hook up E's car seat. Would they give me trouble about traveling with a young child? The answers were yes, yes, and not a bit!

All I did was set up the app on my phone and request a car.
Screen shot of the app from my phone

 Within 1 minute I received a phone call from a very courteous driver who confirmed my location and said he'd be there soon. Which he was. Less than 15 minutes later I was installing the car seat and Emy and I were off to gymnastics. BY OURSELVES. Well, as close to by ourselves and we can get when the trip is not walkable.

Emy and I have had great adventures that day. After gymnastics we walked a couple blocks to have lunch at one of our favorite restaurants downtown and then we contacted Uber again and grabbed a ride home. Easy as could be. And relatively affordable. Of course Uber costs money, all transportation does. But is the cost of feeling a greater sense of independence is something I'm totally down with.
Emy showing off her suburb balancing skills.
Lunch out!

Waiting for Uber

After 3 successful Uber trips I contacted the nice people of Uber Detroit to share my pleasure with the experiences. As a thank you they've created my very own promo code. You get to reap the benefits of Uber along with me! If you are new to Uber use the promo code ls9ss and you get up to $20 off your first ride! Simply click here to sign-up! Let Uber be a part of your next adventure - it certainly will be part of mine!

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  1. God created man in His own image...Isn't it great when men and women (In this case, the UBER driver and Christy Joy) live life in direct correlation to how they were created?...Wow...just love it!