Thursday, May 22, 2014

TbT vs FbF - Teaser

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday I have decided to dedicate Friday as "Flashback Friday" on the blog. Why not just join in the Throwback Thursday phenom on? It's all about word choice.  To me a "throwback" is something fun, a blast from the past, a memory filled with strange fashion and regrettable hair styles. Throwbacks are great. I probably need to share more of them -laugh at past Christy a bit more often. Flashbacks on the other hand, seem uncontrollable to me. They're memories that wash over you like a giant wave, triggered by a smell, an action, recognizing the medical jargon on Grey's Anatomy. Flashbacks plague nightscapes. worming their way into dreams, leaving one dizzy and disoriented.
Alas, flashbacks are more my thing.
So under the pretense of healing, moving forward, and living in the here and now more often than naught, I have to allow the memories wrapped around the events of May 27, 2010 to surface. Rather than try to forget about them I've decided to share them. Breathe some life into them, relive them and really feel them. Hopefully by doing so I can add some details to my "birth story" that I'm often asked about and maybe in time they'll begin to blend into the landscape of my memory.

Tomorrow - May 23, 2014 we begin. Are you as ready as I am?

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