Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Quit

Tonight I quit.
I quit bedtimes that last over an hour.
I quit whining.
I quit crying.
I quit "Daddy is my favorite."
I quit the word. "No."
I quit the incessant, "Mom! Mom! Mom!" (Didn't I used to have a name?)
I quit sinks full of dishes and piles of laundry.
I quit negotiating about what healthy food must be eaten before a "sweet treat" may be consumed.
I quit debates over the merits of underwear.
I quit before sunrise awakenings.
I quit reminders about "please" and "thank-you" and "excuse me."
I quit "I'm full!" when "I'm hungry!" is followed minutes later.
I quit stepping on tiny, plastic toys.
I quit feeling like a failure and that I'm never doing enough.
I quit 'Daniel Tiger' and 'Backyardigans.' Don't even mention 'Doc McStuffins.'
I quit the Frozen soundtrack. For the love of humanity, Let. It. Go.
I quit brushing teeth, hair, trimming toenails, washing hands and faces.
I quit nagging.
I quit quiet time that is never quiet.
I quit hyperactive puppies that will chew anything left on the floor.
I quit.
I quit!

Except you've been asleep for 45 minutes now and I kind of miss your dimple, your voice, your 4 year old sass. So...
Tonight I quit.
Just until tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Love this post Christy (and I don't even have kids).

    Steve (, fellow challenger