Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Packed & Ready

From the archives: I found this while going through some unfinished posts and thought I'd share.
July 1, 2014

The night before Emy and I embarked on a road trip with my mother-in-law to visit her family in south-eastern Ohio, Emy was full of questions and excitement:

"Will Dad come?" (No, he has to work. Just me, you, and Grandma Jane.)
"Will Harper miss us? (Probably, but Dad will take good care of her. ) Follow up - "Dad is taking Harper to work?!?" (No, she will stay home, Dad will be home in the evenings and night with her and Luna.)
"Will Luna miss us? (Probably not.)
"Is Grandma Jane's sister in Miami?" Adorably pronounced "Me-am-ee" (No, although there is a Miami in Ohio, it's not the one you're thinking of)
"Is Ohio in Florida?" (No, it's a different state. Like Michigan and Texas)
"I know you mean fly-on-a-plane-trip, not road trip, right Mom?" (No. I mean road trip, because we are driving there in Grandma Jane's car.)
"Will my cousins be there?" (Not the cousins you see all the time in Michigan, but other cousins you may not remember.)
"Can I ride a tractor?" (Probably not, Uncle Donald uses his tractor for working, but I bet we will ride a four-wheeler.)
"A tricycle?" (No a tricycle has 3 wheels, a four wheeler is different. Remember when Joey took you to deliver eggs? You rode on a four-wheeler then.)

So much excitement and anticipation. Woodsfield is a pretty great place.

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