Thursday, September 4, 2014

"What's That Doing Here?!?"

I am not a neat person. While I'd like to blame my insufficient housekeeping skills and messy eating habits on my visual impairment, these traits have been around much longer than the damage to my retinas. The low-vision just exacerbates my messy nature.

One of the million things I love about my closest friends is they embrace my slovenly ways. They don't flinch when entering my house requires them to hurdle over piles of shoes, laundry, and dog toys. They point out the toothpaste, smudged makeup, leftover food remnants on my face, clothing, and in my hair in the most casual, non-judgy way possible - occasionally even going full-on mom and just wiping it off with a saliva soaked finger. Friendship doesn't get much closer than that. Once you've spit on your finger and wiped mascara off my temple we are bonded for life.

Some of them even speak my language. Take this text I got tonight.

And then I shared this little gem.

 Which led me to thinking about all of the times I have gotten undressed before bed and tiny scraps of food fall gently to the floor. Evidence of the day's happenings. Sometimes I nod, and say, "Oh, yeah, that's where that almond went." When Emy was a toddler, identifying the source of  random Cheerios was a no brainer. Other times it's a complete mystery as to how uncooked macaroni got in my shirt - especially when I don't recall the last time I cooked macaroni.

So fess up people - What's the craziest thing you've found in your shirt? I can't wait to read your "How'd That Get Here?!" stories! If you're anything like me (or my friend Amanda), I know you have at least one!

While you're reminiscing, you can listen to my current favorite song off my favorite Spotify playlist, courtesy of my friend Jo Ellen. She too, has a story of finding noodles where they should not be, hours after eating. Thankfully, it while she was compiling a great list of songs and inspired the name -  A Bra Full of Pad Thai

Best Coast - When I'm With You [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


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