Friday, January 23, 2015

Getting Unstuck

I am not sure I am highly qualified to offer advice about getting unstuck. Unless you count my numerous experiences with battling feeling stuck as qualifications. If that is the case then, I'm your girl.

When I feel stuck, I feel paralyzed by circumstances out of my control. Full of fear and self-doubt, it often seems easier to give up on whatever task I am working on than it would be to persevere and move forward. Thankfully, my mother blessed me with a stubborn streak that makes it darn near impossible for me to actually cave in and take the easy way out. As a result, I am constantly searching for ways to help me get unstuck and keep trudging along.

After some deliberation I narrowed down the top 3 things that help me the most when I feel stuck.


I am a broken crayon. You are a broken crayon. We are all broken in some way. No longer, shiny and new, fresh from a package we are full of dings and dents, the impressions that life leaves as we live it.
Anyone who has every survived a trauma knows that it can be hard to live in the present and not dwell on the past. So much of who we are as people are defined by our experiences. Yet, the rest of us are defined by our choices. It's taken me a long time, but I accept that my body has failed me time and time again and is littered with the dings and dents of trauma. However, I also relish in my ability to still color. I am still here; still moving and breathing, dreaming and creating. Brokenness is not failure. It is experience. Accepting those experiences as opportunities to grow is a major step in becoming unstuck.


The best people in my life are the people who know when I am stuck and in need of assistance without me having to ask for help. There I times when I need reassurance - that I am making progress effectively. There are times when I need to be called out on my procrastinating and avoidance of the hard stuff. There are times when I need comfort and consoling, a place to let it all out. There are times when I need to be challenged, my competitive side engaged, and pushed as far as possible.
I am so thankful to have people who can differentiate the types of motivation I require and are so willing to provide it with love and without judgement. These relationships are what get me unstuck time and time again.


I search for and find inspiration everywhere. Books, TV,  movies, social media, blogs, music, my family,  friends, strangers, nature; they all inspire me a thousand different ways every single day. The problem is that I severely lack the ability to turn that inspiration into anything productive. So often I get lost in the inspiration, to the point of distraction and I can no longer retrace my steps back to the focus and motivation. In order to combat my extreme distractability I (attempt) to enforce limits. No phone, Internet, or TV until X,Y, and Z are complete. I must do A before I am rewarded by the distraction of B. Limiting distractions through whatever means necessary and allowing myself to focus on completion of tasks goes a long way to prevent me from feeling stuck. It is when I succumb to the distractions that I begin to feel the palatalization of  unaccomplished.

So there you have it - three keys that help me get unstuck. What helps you? Please share your tricks and let's help each other get unstuck as fast as possible.

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