Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Big Changes are a Coming

It seems as if our house is always in a state of fluctuation and change. Perhaps this is the way that most couples feel, but I honestly believe there has never been a time where Josh and I looked at one another, sighed in boredom, and expressed a need to shake things up.  Big, earth-shattering, life-altering changes that come out of nowhere and tilt our world upside-down are kind of our norm.

We've become so accustomed to this periodic upheaval that we barely make an effort to fight the inevitable outcome beyond our control. At least we try not to. And, I dare say that while we may have even reached a place where we can generally roll with just about anything.

What we are not used to is slow, gradual, thought-out deliberate change. Change that is thought out, decided on, pursued, but involves a lot of patience. At least I am not good at this. I shouldn't speak for my husband on this matter, because he is a BIG PICTURE kind of guy, and can see the forest through the trees or whatever, so he doesn't have my tenancies towards feeling anxious and uneasy while we wait for the change to take place.

For the past 7 moths we've been in this ambiguous place between rolling with it and patiently waiting. Josh has been job-hunting and his search led to many possible positions all over the United States. From Texas, to Washington, to North Carolina, to Kentucky, to Minneapolis, it really seemed as if we would be moving out of state. 

The idea of moving to a large city both terrified and excited me. I was ready to embrace whatever adventure came our way, but I am a Michigan native and have never lived more than 30 miles from my parents. Since I was 5 years old I resided outside of Oakland County. I am a home-town girl. The principal that hired me for my first full-time teaching position was my Kindergarten teacher and several of my high-school classmates were either colleagues or parents of my future students. I relish the small-town feel of Rochester and the connections I feel with almost everyone I meet. Forget six-degrees of separation, in Rochester it's more like 2.

So when an opportunity came up for a position in Ann Arbor,  I (somewhat) selfishly encouraged Josh to go for it. I would have gotten behind any job or location that would be the best for our family, but this opportunity felt like a compromise to my homebody self.

But there was SO much WAITING before we heard anything. Although Josh was still working throughout this process, and was focusing on multiple opportunities at a time, the length of time we had to wait between interviews, call-backs, and decisions was agonizing to me.

Shocking to NO ONE - I am not the most patient person in the world. Especially, when I have no control over the change or the outcome.

But finally, at the beginning of October Josh received and accepted a job offer from the City of Ann Arbor! His position as Deputy Manager of Parks & Recreation officially began last week. Fans of the sitcom Parks & Rec will understand my complete delight in explaining that my husband is now the Leslie Knoppe of Ann Arbor! Feel free to congratulate him by sending framed pictures of the Notorious RBG, Hillary or even Amy Poehler to him! Or to me, because I get a bigger kick out of that joke than he does.

So while we are NO WHERE NEAR the end of the changes that our family will be going through this year - house-hunting, relocating to Ann Arbor, switching schools mid-year, dealing with a LONG commute in the meantime, etc.... I do feel as if Josh and I have regained control over the changes that will be occurring. Still difficult, but they shouldn't be as drawn-out and agonizing as the job search was. We are ready to roll with it and are looking forward to embracing life in Ann Arbor.

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