Monday, November 9, 2015

Kindergarten is Kicking My Ass

It's hard to believe that Emy has been in kindergarten for two months. On one hand, she has adjusted so well that it seems as if she has been there forever. Riding the bus, staying at school for a full-day, making new friends, getting to know different teachers, handling early bedtimes and even earlier wake-ups, being away from mom and dad - these are all things she has taken in stride - just like the independent, outgoing, adaptable kid she continuously reminds me she is.

Then there is me. I am not sure I'm adjusting quite as well. Being on the parent-side of elementary school is a whole different experience that what my teacher-self is used to. Add an unfamiliar school environment, knowing very few parents whose children attend the school, and that it has been 2 1/2 years since I've been in the classroom, and I am officially out of my comfort zone.

I'm okay with this.
It's not about my level of comfort, it's not about me at all. Emy is ridiculously happy and thriving, so ultimately that is what matters.

But it's hard.
It's hard to watch your kid begin to live a life independent of you. It's hard being regaled to second-place (or face it - WAY LOWER) by your child's teachers. Even though Mom may have a Master's degree in reading, it doesn't mean a damn thing, unless I'm doing exactly like her beloved teacher.
It's hard to enter an elementary school and be reminded how deeply I miss teaching students. Lunches are hard, being on time is hard, homework is hard.

It's just hard.
But like life, there is so much wonderful there too.

My kid LOVES school and EVERY.SINGLE.THING. about it. She wants me to sign her up for after-school care so she can spend more time there. She is making new friends left and right. Friends that great her with hugs and screams of delight when we run into them at Target or a local restaurant. I have time to spend volunteering in the media center and her classroom, assist at school events and parties. I am becoming known as "Emy's mom" which is a title I cherish, even more than "Mrs. Landefeld - teacher."

And every day, I see my bright-eye, bouncy, smiling girl get off the bus, with new stories and experiences to share; reminding me that this is not about me, it all feels a little easier.

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  1. My husband and myself have spent time at the school, while class was in session, and more than approve of the way they handle the children. My son comes home from Phoenix kindergarten singing songs, is easier to direct at home, (i.e. cleans up his toys without fuss, etc.,.) and is always asking when he may go back to school.