Monday, November 9, 2015

Picture Day

At first I was super embarrassed and upset I am a recovering perfectionist after all and still have the tenancy to feel very self-conscious and blame things like crooked pigtails on my low vision. But then I remembered the morning of Picture Day; Emy barely able to contain her excitement, not able to stop bouncing around long enough for me to do her hair. So impatient get to school that after the 3rd attempt to straighten the pigtails I deemed them, "good enough" and sent a bouncy, smiling five-year old out the door.

This is our reality and I am happy to have it captured in a photo.

Kindergarten September 2015

Seriously, how adorable is she?

This picture will serve as yet another reminder to myself that I have to let the little shit go. Crooked pigtails happen and sometimes they make the picture SO much better.

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