Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hello 2017!

I'm big on self-improvement and therefore big on making New Year's Resolutions. I'm sure more than a few past therapists would agree that my near constant quest to be BETTER probably stems from my deep-rooted insecurities. Namely, that nagging perfectionist voice inside that occasionally still tries to convince me I'm not good enough. In the past I would have readily agreed with this theory. Especially, considering how I'd get super frustrated and completely give up on all my resolutions if I made one misstep.

Not anymore though. Ever since having Emy, losing my vision, and the million life changes that were consequences of these coinciding events, I've been on a different sort of quest for self-improvement. One that focuses on acceptance, awareness, and discovery. I'm not who I was before May of 2010. I am not who I was in February of 2013 when I left my beloved career. I am not who I was in January of 2016 when we moved to Ann Arbor. I am constantly changing, adapting, evolving and that requires effort to move myself towards goals, but it also requires a good deal of reminding myself that accepting and cherishing where I am, who I am, at any particular moment is a crucial part of the journey.

Angela Amman, a friend and a writer whose work I admire, wrote this piece about choosing a word of the year rather than making a list of resolutions.  I was inspired and did some soul-searching to find the word that best represented my goals for 2017.

I'm in a pretty good place mentally, physically, figuratively, and literally. I made some big changes in the past couple years that are impacting my life positively and I want to keep that momentum going and maybe ramp it up a little.
So the word I chose for 2017 is ...
photo used with permission

MORE. As in love more, do more yoga, write more, eat more fruits and veggies, more exercise. Nebe more patient with my family and myself. I want more of all the good stuff I've already been focusing on. More time with friends and family who make my soul happy, more reading, more music, more one on one time with Josh, more self-care, more experiences that help me be more present.

I could go on and on. But you get the idea. I want to hold the word MORE front and center and make conscious decisions throughout the year. If something adds to my goals, enhances them in a positive way then it's the MORE I'm searching for. If not, then there will be more days and more chances to try again. I firmly believe that by allowing for more forgiveness and acceptance - starting with myself - will directly lead to more peace and joy.

What word best describes your goals for 2017?

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